One way with Peter Marino

by cferer on December 10, 2014

Christy Ferer and redound architect Peter Marino

Christy Ferer and redound architect Peter Marino

The most impressive showing at the 2014 Miami Art Basel… Peter Marino collection on exhibit at the Bass Museum!

The exhibition showcases the chemistry between Marino’s personal collection of contemporary art, iconic architectural work and his series of cast-bronze boxes. Fitting with the architect’s style of creating tailored installations, the exhibition comprises a selection of commissioned work by artists Gregor Hildebrandt, Guy Limone, Farhad Moshiri, Jean-Michel Othoniel and Erwin Wurm among others.

Marino’s exquisite and intricately detailed cast-bronze boxes that seemed to weigh a ton, his black eel skin walls and how he re-framed paintings together by different artists in one frame were not to be over-looked at the night’s event.  Peter indeed does have a superb eye!


Peter Marino's bronze boxes.

Peter Marino’s  Cast- Bronze boxes
photo by maggie nimkin





An intimate look at the space at the exhibition showing work by various artists


Close up on the detailed work on one of Peter Marino’s  Cast-Bronze Boxes
photo by maggie nimkin

But the most stunning part of Peter Marino’s collection appeared on a set of nails! Yes, the nails of his daughter Isabel who spent three days having her nails transformed into miniature paintings of her father’s collection from Damien Hearst to Warhol.


Isabel's nails proudly showcasing artwork of her father Peter Marino.

Isabel’s nails proudly showcasing artwork of her father Peter Marino.

Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer Travels to Paris

by cferer on November 17, 2014

Vidicom Founder Christy Ferer shares her thoughts on her latest trip

Paris is on exhibit at every corner right now – from the hors d’oeuvres at a party at Fiac, the annual art fair, to it’s new museums and art installations.

Butter coated radishes
Sesame coated tuna in rose petals
BLT lettuce leaves
Mushroom filet with melted cheese topped with truffles

There’s always some controversy brewing in Paris. In the month of October, it was Paul McCarthy. The retailers of Place Vendome invited him to create his artistic take on a Christmas tree. The three store inflatable tree he created was so similar to an anal plug (although most admit they’d never actually seen one before) that protesters popped it and deflated it! One french man walked up to him and slapped him three times – a French kiss is 2 sides, a French slap must be three – and screamed “vous etes pas Francais!”

Across the Seine, Tom McCarthy happened to be doing an installation at the Paris Mint near the Pont Neuf. His installation of a five room chocolate factory actually created real chocolate. Pieces included replications of the plug Christmas trees and Santa Claus holding them. It was billing. Projected on the walls was a timely video of the artist scribbling four letter words and phrases like “F— Paris” as a response to reaction against his Place Vendome installation. Friends of his say what was originally planned would have been even worse – video of him defecating!

vidicom-art-cave vidicom-art-plugsvidicom-art-note

There’s lots blooming in Paris, but for my money the most stunning is the LVmH Foundation – Bernard Arnault’s art collection housed in a jewel designed by Frank Gehry, situated in the Bois de Boulogne. The architecture is so beautiful, it competes with the art!