Remembrances of Oscar

by cferer on October 28, 2014

Early on – say the 80′s – there was that run on fashion phrase “Oscar-Ralph-Calvin-Bill.” When Bill died in 2002 it became “Oscar-Ralph-Calin-Donna.” This pretty much meant “EVERYONE” who was anyone in the monde of fashion. For the last 40 years in American fashion one could not write, talk, or even report on a season of fashion without invoking something about OSCAR.

You will read the fashion tribe ooze on about his iconic handiwork, lace, ruffles and exquisite textures and his love of the female shape. For me, the fashion aspirant, the TV lifestyle correspondent who covered him for 2 decades, Oscar was the Dominican charmer with that sexy slice of a smile, a softness that touched you, and a gentle lullaby of an accent. His elegance was palpable. Every time I was in his presence during an interview or social event, I felt so self conscious. I was always looking to see if I had a spot or a strand of hair lurking somewhere out of place. What a waste of neurotic worry. Oscar was the least judgmental of any of the fashion brood. President’s wives, rock stars, fashion icons, fashion editors, news anchors, his son’s nanny – he dressed them all and treated them all equally… never looking over your shoulder to see if anyone more important was entering the room.

The ultimate compliment was when he turned out for my book launch at Sotheby’s. My 6″ square teeny tome didn’t mention him. It wasn’t about fashion. In fact, it was completely unOscar. Yes Oscar De La Renta not only attended my “Decorating on a Dime” book party, but bought SEVERAL. With several of the low-high concepts on display including a table base made from plumbers pipes, he stopped to marvel at my feather wrapped lampshade and said, “Are you stealing my ideas?” I swooned.

What transfixed me about Oscar as a high school shop girl in my home town of St. Louis still fascinates me today. He was the fashion Degas. His gentle hand translated his love of the female figure something beguiling and feline. This saturates his designs – ruffled-cut on the bias-bejeweled – whether they were off the rack or made for a pop icon.

And what will always stay with me and that I did not appreciate at the time… he advised me, “the legs are the last to go.”

Oscar, my dear friend, truer words were never spoken.

Christy Ferer
Lifestyle Contributor (1984-2001)
NBC “Today”

A Philanthropic Week with Vidicom’s Christy Ferer

by cferer on October 23, 2014

Vidicom’s CEO talks charity!

Happy Monday, folks! In addition to my ongoing work with the Vidicom team, it’s been a big week for my many philanthropic friends!


This past week Leonard Lauder cubist masterpiece gallery was revealed to friends and family  This week this remarkable gift is presented to the public. For over 40 year Lauder painstakingly collected within a narrow framework of cubists… even works he didn’t love… all in the name of marinating integrity to hipline of collection cubists…

The one billion dollar collections includes 81 paintings, works on paper, and sculpture: 17 by Braque, 15 by Gris, 15 by Léger, and 34 by Picasso. Rich in modernist pictures by Picasso and Braque, the exhibition will also include an unprecedented number of papiers collé by Juan Gris and a stunning array of Léger’s most famous series, his Contrasts of Forms. Let’s hope he donates some to decorate our Vidicom office! I’ll never say no to an injection of art in my life!


The Met says “Over the past 40 years, Leonard Lauder has selectively acquired masterpieces and seminal works to create the most important collection in private hands of works by the four preeminent Cubist artists. Mr. Lauder made his first two Cubist acquisitions in 1976 and continues to add to the Collection, which is distinguished by its quality, focus, and depth. In coordination with Mr. Lauder’s announcement of the gift of the Cubist works, the Metropolitan Museum, with support from a group of trustees and supporters, including Mr. Lauder, has established a new research center for modern art, housed at the Metropolitan. The Leonard A. Lauder Research Center for Modern Art will serve as a center for scholarship, archival documentation and collections, and innovative approaches to studying the history of Cubism, its origins and influence. The Center has been envisioned by Mr. Lauder as a means to transform the presence of modern art at the Metropolitan in dialogue with its encyclopedic collections. “

I was also privileged this last week to witness the accomplishments of the students who attend the Young Women’s Leadership school of West Harlem. Founded by my friend Ann Tisch, this school becomes the first single sex public school to open in years and will be the model of others across the nation. 95% of graduates are accepted to colleges. It was touching to see how so many of the alumni rose from underprivileged neighborhoods and families, graduated college, have amazing jobs, and now mentor younger students from this amazing school in the hopes of sending them along the same successful path in life. Amongst those honored this year as role models for these women include author Ann Quinlden, President of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, Dina Powell and Andrew Farkas as “The Man We Love.”

It’s always great to see people working to help others! It’s too easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and lose sight of the fact of how privileged we are! Remember to take a moment every day and be thankful for what you have, no matter how big or small! The Vidicom team always takes time to be thankful for what we have :)

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